Industrial Machinery

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By drawing upon its experience and technology in pollution prevention, KC Cottrell designs and manufactures industrial machinery, such as dampers to control gas flow, expansion joints and pressure vessels. We offer customers the latest technology and machinery needed for power plants, steel works, cement plants, petrochemical factories, semiconductor processing and incinerators.

KC Cottrell has built up a diverse and specialized system to effectively respond to the constantly changing and developing environment industry. We are doing our part for a cleaner and brighter environment.

01 Damper

  • Louver Damper
  • Stack Isolation Damper
  • Guillotine Damper
  • Radial Vane Damper
  • Diverter Damper
  • PoPPet Damper
  • Wafer Damper

02 Expansion Joints

03 Pressure Vessel