CEO message

Taking Caring of our Future Environment!! Our Mission!!

Since our establishment in 1973, we have mainly concentrated on the Air Pollution Control System and other related areas. Based on our technology and know-how over 3 decades, we will persevere in our effort for the better future.

KC Cottrell's major air pollution control systems, such as Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) and FGD system, the core Air pollution control systems of thermal power plant burning fossil fuels, have well devoted for the clean environment with high reliability. Diversified dust collector De-Nox system, Flue Gas Cleaning system, Ash Handling system have been also widely accepted by wide range of industries to meet their technical and legal requirement. Moreover, we also do as EPC Contractor not only for air pollution control of mentioned system, but also do EPC contractor for Incineration plant for a better envinroment.

With all the proven technology and knowledge as the driving force of the company, we endeavor for the expansion of corporate original brand and product lines. And with our research anddevelopment activity concentrated on technology development and new product development, we are moving forward as a distinguished company contributing to humand living environment.