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In a coal-fired power plant, where coals would be pulverized by the coal mill and fed into boiler with hot airs in a high speed, this pulverized coal will be immediately combusted in the boiler at the high temperature range of 1,500±2000C beyond the melting point of most mineral in the coal.

This combustion remains unburned at last, which explains approximately 26~50wt% of hard coal and 8~15wt% of bituminous coal. This ash will be extracted out in forms of Bottom Ash, Eco & APH and ESP Fly Ash according to the places gathered after combustion. The bottom ash adhered to the boiler wall falls down boiler bottom by its weight. Its particle size is about 1~2.5mm and has the distribution of about 15~20% of total ash production. The bottom ash gathered on boiler's lower part is ground