Bottom Ash Handling Systems

Bottom Ash Handling System

Slag and ash falling from the furnace are temporarily stored in the bottom ash silo. They are then sent to the ash pond using a hydro ejector. Alternatively, they are sent back to the bottom ash silo to be recycled after going through a submerged  rag chain conveyor or dry ash extraction conveyor.

Bottom Ash Hopper System utilizing Hydro-ejectors

SDCC (Submerged Drag Chain Conveyor) System

Dry Ash Extraction System

Ash Water & Slurry System

 Fly Ash Handling System

Air pressure from the blower or air compressor is used to transport ash to the ash silo via appropriately sized pipes.

Positive Pressurized Conveying System

- Lean (Dilute) Phase System

- Medium Phase System

- Dense Phase System

Negative Pressurized Conveying System (Vacuum System)

Combination System

Economizer & Air Preheater Ash handling System / Ash Disposal System


- Yeongnam Thermal Power Plant Units 1~2, Korea (2002)

- Ulsan Thermal Power Plant Units 4~6, Korea (1997)

- Samcheonpo Thermal Power Plant Units 1~2, Korea (2002)

- Jeju Thermal Power Plant, Korea (2004)

- Dangjin Thermal Power Plant Units 5~6, Korea (2004~2006)

- Retrofit for Ulsan Thermal Power Plant Units 4~6, Korea (2007)

- Boryeong Thermal Power Plant Units 7~8, Korea (2006)