ESP For Tunnel

ESP For Tunnel/Underground Use

This unit removes fine dust particles and purifies air in tunnels and underground space. Tunnel air containing dust passes through the ESP, which features negatively charged electrodes and positively charged collecting plates. Dust is absorbed by the collecting plates so that only clean air is emitted. The system deals with the captured dust particles through periodic cleaning with water.

This system can maintain over 90% collection efficiency even in high speed air streams (over 7m/sec). The ESP  is equipped with discharge electrodes of a saw blade shape and has a compact structure. It is ideal for treating large volumes of dust containing gas or air.


- Maximized corona discharge due to saw blade shaped discharge electrodes

- Compact single-stage ESP with simultaneous dust collection and discharge in the same space

- Use of commercial charging device (transformer rectifier)removes the need for a separate power grid

- GVC method for precision control and optimalization of voltage and electric current

- Can be operated for high speed air streams

* Korea Patent No. : 10-0871601 (Registration Date 26th Nov. 2008)

* NET(New Excellent Technology) No. : 0258, Ministry of Knowledge Economy (Registration Date 26th Aug. 2008)