SNCR(Selective Non-Reduction) Process

SNCR technology is used to remove nitrogen oxide in a high temperature range (850℃~1050℃) by directly injecting a reducing agent into the sidewall or duct of a furnace. The required NOx removal efficiency can be obtained  through  precise  injection  within  an appropriate temperature range. A key design factor for performance is the location of the injection nozzle for the reducing agent.


- Low investment

- Can be used during low load operation of the boiler

- NOx removal efficiency

- Stable NOx removal efficiency

- Minimal NH3 slip due to use of optimal amount of reducing agent

- Optimal nozzle location through CFD

- High quality technical service

Reducing agent

- Anhydrous ammonia

- Aqueous ammonia

- Urea solution


- Sunglim Oil & Chemical company, Korea (2003)

- Taiwan Taoyua International Airport (Chiang Kai-shek

International Airport), Taiwan (2000)

- Yoecheon Plant, KCES company, Korea (2004)

- CFBC Boiler, LG Chem company, Korea (2008)