Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Heat exchanger is device that transfers heat between liquids. It is indispensable in petrochemical plants, oil refining plants, and power plants. KC Cottrell produces an air-cooled heat exchanger (ACHE). The ACHE is an environmentally friendly device that resolves problems associated with water-cooled heat exchanger, which include erosion, water supply needs, and ocean warming (when seawater is used for cooling). It is particularly well suited for arid regions such as the Middle East where there is a shortage of industrial use water.

Manufacturing processes and power plants had used water as the cooling agent. However,

water-cooled systems are becoming less practical and many plants are increasingly using air as the coolant which has higher accessibility all parts of the world.

Air-cooled heat exchanger uses air as the cooling agent. A fin is attached to the exterior of a tube having an enlarged heat transfer surface, and air is forced to pass through the fin tube. Air- cooled heat exchangers are available in forced-draft, induced-draft, and A-frame models.


- Extrusion type fin is attached to the tube exterior to enhance heat transfer

- Compact size and cost savings

- Eco-friendly system