General information FGD

FGD (Flue Gas Desulphurization) System

Fossil fuels, used in various industrial facilities, produce sulphuric acid (SOx) when burned. If the harmful and toxic sulphuric acid (SOx) is released into the atmosphere, it poses another threat to our lives in the form of secondary pollutants, such as acid rain. KC Cottrell removes sulphuric acid (SOx) created during various processes with a highly efficient FGD system to protect the environment.

01 Wet Process

  • Wet Limestone-Gypsum Process
  • Wet Magnesium Hydroxide Process
  • Alkali Waste Water Process
  • NaOH Sodium Hydroxide Process

02 Semi-dry Process

  • GSA(Gas Suspension Absorber System)
  • SDR(Semi Dry Reactor) System

03 Dry Process

  • NaHCO3 Process

•  Alkali Powder Injection System